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Saturday, 30 January 2016


bypass GFW (Great FireWall of China) with nginx。
I found that greatfire makes websites that serve for users in China to use. You can visit these sites as if you are visiting Google directly. But they don't tell you how to make them and I don't want my search history visible to them. So I started to make these sites by my own.
This repository contains nginx configuration files that use proxy_pass directive to set up a proxy server and use subs_filter to modify links in the web page so that it makes no errors when loading.


  • a VPS outside China, for digitalocean about $5 per month
  • a domain name so that you can request a cert, about $8 per year
  • request a free SSL cert from StartSSL
You can make your sites without certs, but because they are not encrypted, you sometimes may fail to reach these sites since the URL keyword-censorship system in China will reset your connection.


  • Fast.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Not every website works.
  • Only for browsers. Not for apps. Because you are using your own domain name.


  • Edit configs in
  • Run ./
  • Copy config files in the generated directory to your nginx directory.


Since it is difficult to fix the log in problem for facebook, I would rather copy the Cookie string in your Chrome, after you have successfully logged in facebook, to the facebook nginx config file. Therefore, every one can see your facebook, so we use auth_basic to secure the site.