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Monday, 11 July 2016


 // AntSword is a cross platform website management tool. 
AntSword is an open source and cross-platform's Web Site Administration Tool.
You can use it easily and intuitively to management your website(webshell).
node release


If you do not care about how to write the code, you can go to the Release Page to download the corresponding archive decompression, and then executed directly to use!
If you are interested in this code, we welcome you to join!
It does not require much coding knowledge you have, you just need to know what it means and how to modify the code on it!

Start with source code

0x01. Get the source code

$ git clone
Click the download url below:

0x02. Install node_modules

$ cd antSword
$ npm install

0x03. Began to enjoy

$ npm start