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Sunday, 20 November 2016


A pastebin written in Haskell.

hpaste is copyright Eric Mertens 2008 and is BSD3 licensed
The LICENSE file should be referred to for any licensing details.
Source code updates can be found at

Getting hpaste installed and running:

1) Install the python library pygments
2) Create a new sqlite3 database using the initialize.sql file
   This file must exist in a directory that the cgi application will
   have write priviledges to as sqlite3 creates temp files!
3) Create an hpaste.conf file with can be "read" as a Config object
4) Add hpaste.fcgi to your cgi-bin and enable fastcgi support in your httpd.
5) Add to your cgi-bin.

The bot will expect to be able to be able to read a Config object as well
as the fastcgi application. It will create a socket that will likely have
the wrong permissions if the httpd and bot run as different users. The httpd
needs +w permissions on the socket.