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Saturday, 12 November 2016


Single-command HTTP directory listing and file serving 

Ever wanted to share a certain directory on your network by running just a command? Then this module is exactly what you're looking for: It provides a neat interface for listing the directory's contents and switching into sub folders.
In addition, it's also awesome when it comes to serving static sites. If a directory contains an index.html, list will automatically render it instead of serving the file's content as plaintext.


Install it (needs at least node v6)
$ npm install -g list
Run it
$ list <path> [options]
You can find a list of all options below.


UsageDescriptionDefault value
-h, --helpOutput all available options-
-v, --versionThe version tag of the list instance on your device-
-p, --port [port]A custom port on which the app will be running3000
-c, --cache [seconds]How long static files should be cached in the browser3600
-s, --singleServe single page apps with only one index.html in the root directory-
-u, --unzippedDisable gzip compressionfalse


Here's a list of selected sites that are running on list:

在某个静态网站的根目录,比如/usr/local/scalatic-site/src/test/scala/scalatictest/target运行list --port 24573 > /dev/null &