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Sunday, 12 June 2016

High performance stack



vagrant up  # starts and provisions the vagrant environment
vagrant ssh  # connects to machine via SSH

vagrant destroy  # stops and deletes all traces of the vagrant machine

Simple automation tool for compiling and running your programs on IMM URAN supercomputer.
Also, you can use it for local running.
  1. Setup you environment
    def local_env():
        env.user = 'vagrant'
        env.password = 'vagrant'
        env.host_string = 'localhost:22'
    def cluster_env():
        env.user = 's0*****'
        env.password = 'Vjk******'
        env.host_string = ''
  2. Write your compiling and running commands
    def main():
        # put files to remote server
        # compiling command && run
        run('g++ data-gen.cpp -o data-gen && ./data-gen 3 10 10 data-gen.txt')
        run('g++ kmeans.cpp -o kmeans -fopenmp && ./kmeans 10 data-gen.txt kmeans.txt')
        # get files from remote server
    if __name__ == "__main__":
        local_env()  # activate local environment
        #supercomputer_env()  # or activate supercomputer environment
        main()  # running main :) 
  3. Up container (vagrant up)
  4. Connect via SSH to container (vagrant ssh)
  5. Run (python