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Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Magento Developer Documentation 

Magento Developer Documentation

Welcome! This site contains the latest Magento developer documentation for ongoing Magento 2.x releases.
To contribute, please fork the develop branch. 

Building this site

To check your work before submitting a pull request, you can build this site locally using Jekyll.
  • Windows users must build the site in a Vagrant container running on Virtual Box as discussed in more detail in the Vagrant README.
    We use symbolic links (symlinks) in the guides/v2.1 directory to link to topics that haven't changed since the 2.0.x release. Because symlinks aren't supported by Windows, you cannot use the Windows environment; you must use a Linux environment.
  • Mac and Linux users can build this site locally using Jekyll or you can use Vagrant. 
    Vagrant might be easier because the software runs in a container that isn't dependent on, and cannot conflict with, any other software installed on your computer.

Build using Vagrant

For more information, see the Vagrant README.

Build locally in Mac or Linux

To build this site locally:
# Copy the sample config file and name it "config.yml"
$ cp _config.devdocs.yml _config.yml

# Install dependencies
$ bundle install

# Visit http://localhost:4000 in your favorite browser!
$ bin/jekyll serve
If you have questions, open an issue and ask us. We're looking forward to hearing from you!