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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Chinese translation of the Apache Shiro 1.2.x Reference Manual( and the other article collection. The version of Apache Shiro is 1.2.x. You can also see the demos of the reference at ( 《Apache Shiro 1.2.x 参考手册》 中文翻译(包含了官方文档以及其他文章)


Chinese translation of Apache Shiro 1.2.x Reference Manual and the other article collection. The laset version of Apache Shiro is 1.2.x. You can also see the demos of the reference at is also a GitBook version of the book: or Let's READ!
《Apache Shiro 1.2.x 参考手册》 中文翻译(包含了官方文档以及其他文章)。截止现在(2016-5-19)Shiro的最新版本为 1.2.5,利用业余时间对此进行翻译,并在原文的基础上,插入配图,图文并茂方便用户理解。如有勘误欢迎指正。
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Apache Shiro is a powerful and flexible open-source security framework that cleanly handles authentication, authorization, enterprise session management and cryptography.
Apache Shiro's first and foremost goal is to be easy to use and understand. Security can be very complex at times, even painful, but it doesn't have to be. A framework should mask complexities where possible and expose a clean and intuitive API that simplifies the developer's effort to make their application(s) secure.
Apache Shiro Reference Documentation
I. Overview
      1. Introduction
      2. Tutorial
      3. Architecture
      4. Configuration
II. Core
      5. Authentication
      6. Authorization
            6.1. Permissions
      7. Realms
      8. Session Management
      9. Cryptography
III. Web Applications
      10. Web
            10.1. Configuration
            10.2. [urls] (Path-based security)
            10.3. Default Filters
            10.4. Session Management
            10.5. JSP Tag Library
IV. Auxiliary Support
      11. Caching
      13. Testing
      14. Custom Subjects
V. Integration
      15. Spring Framework
      16. Guice
      17. CAS
VI. Tools
      18. Command Line Hasher
VI. Index
      19. Terminology