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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Best JavaScript Blogs

If you’re pursuing a career in Web development, you need to excel in key technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to remain relevant in the field. The basics alone will never make you an expert or land you on employers’ shortlists. While JavaScript is easy to learn, gurus admit the language takes time and effort to master.
How do you sharpen your coding skills? Improve your JavaScript by practicing, joining open source communities, and following experts’ blogs. Here are five blogs to visit for best practices, new techniques, and awesome JavaScript lore.

DailyJS offers a trove of information on the JavaScript universe. Through this blog, top-notch Web application developer, author (“Node.js In Practice”) and entrepreneur Alex R. Young explores frameworks, environments, libraries and other resources to transform your JavaScript projects from average to awesome. You’ll also find timely updates on new developments and upcoming events in the Javascript world.

In search of a cool way to learn popular and emerging JavaScript technologies? This blog provides top quality tutorials on BackboneJS, Node.js, jQuery, AngularJS, and more. The site is run by author, speaker, developer and JavaScript virtuoso Jack Franklin. For starters, check out his post on the awesome features of ES6, the new upcoming version of JavaScript slated for launch mid 2015.

Not exactly a blog, this site serves as one of the best hubs for all things JavaScript: coding techniques, breaking news, best practices and tutorials brought together under one roof. Learn the basics of Javascript or tread the path of experts by probing the limits of different libraries and frameworks. Discover classical design patterns and newly minted game engines and adopt them for your projects. Get to know efficient tools for testing and debugging. Listen to podcasts, watch screencasts and connect with experts. Veteran developer and open source software advocate William Oliveira runs the site with contributions from some of the world’s top JavaScript practitioners.

We cited David Walsh in a previous article featuring some of the top experts in HTML5 so it makes sense to include his blog in this roundup of online resources on JavaScript. David’s blog focuses on open Web technologies and dishes out ample amounts of JavaScript demos, tutorials, and techniques.

If you’re on the lookout for a blog that offers a glimpse into the psyche and daily grind of JavaScript practitioners instead of just the technical aspects of their work, this site is for you. It demonstrates JS developers are almost as human as the rest of us. You’ll find author and blog owner Rebecca Murphey recounting her speaking experiences and sharing the tools and approaches she adopted to become as effective as she is. She discusses equality in the workplace, about her less-than perfect CSS skills and the exciting possibilities opened up by the new version of JavaScript.
Learn JavaScript to Upscale Your Web Designs

A decent knowledge of HTML5 and CSS will help you create a basic website. But users demand more immersive and interactive online experiences, a requirement only a technology like JavaScript can deliver. Follow the blogs we featured here to help you complete the skill set required of front-end web developers and advance your career.