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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Directory Lister

Directory Lister is a simple PHP based script created to let you list the contents of a directory and all it's sub-directories and allow you to navigate there within. Just download and install Directory Lister to any web directory and have immediate access to all files and sub-directories under that directory.

We have extensively tested Directory Lister with all major browsers (and several non-major ones) to ensure the best experience for the maximum number of users. This ensures you and your users, no matter what browser they're using, will have the best possible experience when using Directory Lister.


The process to install Directory Lister is simple:
  1. Download and extract Directory Lister
  2. Copy resources/default.config.php to resources/config.php
  3. Upload index.php and the resources folder to the folder you want listed
  4. Upload additional files to the same directory as index.php
That's it! You should now see a directory listing when browsing to your directory.
Having trouble getting Directory Lister working?
  • Ensure you have the latest version of Directory Lister installed. The current version available is v2.6.1
  • Verify you have PHP 5.3 or later installed. You can verify your PHP version by running: php --version
Additional help is available via our mailing list at


Directory Lister是一个目录列表程序,基于PHP和一些脚本文件,可以列出目录的内容,在众多的目录列表程序中一直保持简洁。


标题是在 resources\themes\bootstrap\index.php 中修改,底部文件则是同目录的 default_footer.php 文件。
然后把你要列出显示的目录和文件上传到和 resources 文件夹平级的位置,也就是同一个文件夹中.