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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Go + HTTP/2

Welcome to the Go language's HTTP/2 demo & interop server.
Congratulations, you're using HTTP/2 right now.
This server exists for others in the HTTP/2 community to test their HTTP/2 client implementations and point out flaws in our server.
The code is at and is used transparently by the Go standard library from Go 1.6 and later.
Contact info:, or file a bug.

Handlers for testing

  • GET /reqinfo to dump the request + headers received
  • GET /clockstream streams the current time every second
  • GET /gophertiles to see a page with a bunch of images
  • GET /file/gopher.png for a small file (does If-Modified-Since, Content-Range, etc)
  • GET /file/go.src.tar.gz for a larger file (~10 MB)
  • GET /redirect to redirect back to / (this page)
  • GET /goroutines to see all active goroutines in this server
  • PUT something to /crc32 to get a count of number of bytes and its CRC-32
  • PUT something to /ECHO and it will be streamed back to you capitalized.