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Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Theos: Unified cross-platform Makefile system.

Theos was initially “iphone-framework”, a project created to simplify building code at the command line for iOS devices (primarily jailbroken devices). It later underwent significant changes and became Theos, a flexible Make-based build system primarily for jailbreak software development, but also with complete support for building for other supported platforms. Theos runs on OS X, iOS, Linux, and Windows (under Cygwin).
As of 2015, the project stalled as Dustin Howett was unable to devote time to it. It was since picked up by the community, adding many desired features and fixing issues. The legacy version of Theos that used to be located at DHowett/theos is permanently preserved on the legacybranch.
“kirb’s amalgamation of all the things” —rpetrich
This wiki is the official documentation. Use the list of pages on the right to navigate.
There is also documentation available for the original Theos at the iPhone Dev Wiki, and theos-ref; however be aware that not all information is updated for the changes Theos has undergone recently.
If you’re experiencing problems, be sure to review the troubleshooting page.