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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A toolset for building system packages using Docker and fpm-cookery

Package-build is a toolset for creating native system packages: .deb for Debian-like and .rpm for RedHat-like OSes. It is useable out-of-the-box.

The Idea

With a few simple scripts, you can use package-build to create isolated, self-contained packages; provide them in your internal repos; and not worry about deployment and dependencies. You can even use these scripts to package tarballs that are randomly dropped into a web folder. Because a simple shell script performs the actual package-building, you can easily use the same commands in a continuous integration context — i.e., to automatically build packages every time a recipe changes or a new one has been added.


  • the whole build process is triggered from Fabric tasks running on the "build host"
  • build slaves are Docker containers to maintain a clean, well-defined environment
  • actual package building is done with fpm and fpm-cookery


Clone the repo and install the Python requirements:
sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

cp package-build.yaml-example ~/.config/package-build.yaml
vim ~/.config/package-build.yaml # adapt to your repo server setup
fab docker_build # this will setup the required Docker images and could take a while
If pycrypto makes trouble here, install Python's headers before: sudo apt-get install python-dev or sudo yum install python-devel depending on your OS.


Docker containers provide the build environments, so you'll have to create a new subfolder under docker/ with a Dockerfile for all the distributions for which you want to create a package. Set the environment variable RELEASE to put the resulting package into an appropriate subfolder, avoid name clashes, and determine to which repository the package should be uploaded to later.
As stated above, fpm and fpm-cookery do the actual package build. (fpm-cookery automatically builds only a package for the distribution/OS where it's running.) Create a recipe.rb under a subfolder in recipes/. Optionally, create a script called, meant to be run before fpm-cook package is executed.

$ Command Line Examples

To start the packaging process's different distributions and packages, see the examples below.
Build facter for Ubuntu 16.04 ("Xenial"):
fab package_build:ubuntu16.04,facter
Build facter for all configured distributions:
fab package_build:recipe=facter
Build all recipes for Debian 7 ("Wheezy"):
fab package_build:debian7
For testing: The created package will not automatically upload and publish to your repositories unless you set the parameter upload to True:
fab package_build:debian7,upload=True
Publish a package to the internal repository for ubuntu16.04 (which is the default distribution):
fab repo_deb_add:~/path/to/package.deb
To publish a package in the repos for other distributions, you have to pass them explicitly:
fab repo_deb_add:~/path/to/package.deb,dist=ubuntu12.04
To delete a package from the repo for a specified distribution:
fab repo_deb_del:dist=ubuntu12.04,chimp

More Recipe Examples