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Sunday, 28 August 2016


What is Frozen?

Frozen is an open-source HTML5 game engine delivering ease-of-use, rapid development through tooling and modularity.
Our goal is to apply techniques used in building modern webapps to game development, such as AMD modules, dependency management, build process, and project scaffolding.

Get Frozen

  • Frozen (single file - AMD loader included)
    Development and Production
  • Package Managers
    • bower - bower install frozen
    • volo - volo add iceddev/frozen
    • jam - jam install frozen
Note: We supply a jam package and specify dependencies. Although these should work for game creation using the engine, frozen cannot be built or run with jam deps only
  • Frozen Source (but don't forget your dependencies)
    Clone it from github - git clone git://
    or grab the zip: Frozen Source 

Getting Started

We provide both a yeoman generator and a volo project scaffolding

Yeoman Generator

  1. npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower generator-frozen - Install yo, grunt-cli, bower, and generator-frozen
  2. mkdir your_game - Create a new directory for your game
  3. cd your_game - Enter directory for you game
  4. yo frozen - Answer a few questions, scaffold a new game and install all dependencies
  5. grunt - Starts a static server with live reloading and opens your browser to your game

Volo Create

  1. npm install -g volo - Install volo
  2. volo create your_game frozenjs/boilerplate - Scaffold a new game and install all dependencies
  3. volo grunt - Starts a static server with live reloading and opens your browser to your game


Documentation is available at


Play examples at
Examples source code can be found at


Source available on github:

Browser Support

We have tested in:
  • Chrome 27 & 30-canary
  • Firefox 21 & 22
  • IE10 (sound with supported codecs)
  • Safari 6.0.3
  • Chrome for Android 27 & Beta 28 (limited sound support) - Suggestion: in chrome://flags, turn on "Disable gesture requirement for media playback" & "Enable WebAudio"
  • Firefox for Android 22 & Beta 23 (Doesn't load some Box2d examples - unsure why)
  • PhantomJS 1.9.1
Most modern browsers should support this game engine if they support requestAnimationFrame or canvas, but YMMV with sounds

Rapid Development Through Tooling

Our Frozen Box2d Editor is available at
Yeoman generator can be found at
Volo boilerplate can be found at

Technologies behind Frozen

While builds of Frozen may be tiny, we use some libraries and technologies behind the scenes as to not reinvent the wheel.
These technologies include:
  • Node.js and npm - used for dependecy mangement for our build process and development workflow
  • Grunt - task runner for our development workflow, and allows for a single entry point into development configuration
  • Volo - clientside dependency management and project scaffolding tool
  • Lo-Dash - low-level utility library used inside the library
  • Hammer.js - multi-touch library used for mouse/touch/pointer event normalization and gestures
  • dcl - used for generating constructors and supplying AOP convenience methods
  • Box2d - used for physics calculations in games
  • Dojo - used for AMD loader and some utility modules inside the library, Dojo build process is used to build a single JS file
  • JSDoc - generates documentation for code
  • Jasmine - tests all use Jasmine
  • AMD - all modules are written with AMD and the single layer includes an AMD module loader



All development tasks depend on having dependencies installed.
Use npm install to get all the build process dependencies Use volo add to get all the library dependencies

Building the dist/frozen layer

grunt build to lint, test, doc, and run dojo build process to build the single layer

Generating the docs

grunt docs will lint and generate docs

Running the tests

grunt test to lint, run tests in PhantomJS and open your default browser at the test URL

Linting the project

grunt jshint:all to lint the project

Building when files change

grunt watch:all to execute grunt build whenever a file changes.