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Friday, 26 August 2016


Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform 
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Meteor is an ultra-simple environment for building modern web applications.
With Meteor you write apps:
  • in pure JavaScript
  • that send data over the wire, rather than HTML
  • using your choice of popular open-source libraries
Try the getting started tutorial.
Next, read the guide or the reference documentation at

Quick Start

On Windows, simply go to and use the Windows installer.
On Linux/macOS, use this line:
curl | sh
Create a project:
meteor create try-meteor
Run it:
cd try-meteor

Slow Start (for developers)

If you want to run on the bleeding edge, or help develop Meteor, you can run Meteor directly from a git checkout.
git clone git://
cd meteor
If you're the sort of person who likes to build everything from scratch, you can build all the Meteor dependencies (node.js, npm, mongodb, etc) with the provided script. This requires git, a C and C++ compiler, autotools, and scons. If you do not run this script, Meteor will automatically download pre-compiled binaries when you first run it.
Now you can run meteor directly from the checkout (if you did not build the dependency bundle above, this will take a few moments to download a pre-build version).
./meteor --help
From your checkout, you can read the docs locally. The /docs directory is a meteor application, so simply change into the /docs directory and launch the app:
cd docs/
You'll then be able to read the docs locally in your browser at http://localhost:3000/.
Note that if you run Meteor from a git checkout, you cannot pin apps to specific Meteor releases or run using different Meteor releases using --release.

Uninstalling Meteor

Aside from a short launcher shell script, Meteor installs itself inside your home directory. To uninstall Meteor, run:
rm -rf ~/.meteor/
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/meteor
On Windows, just run the uninstaller from your Control Panel.

Developer Resources

Building an application with Meteor?
Interested in contributing to Meteor?
We are hiring! Visit to learn more about working full-time on the Meteor project.