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Monday, 11 July 2016

bypy -百度网盘的基于Python的客户端

bypy - Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 

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中文说明 (English readme is at the bottom)

这是一个百度云/百度网盘的Python客户端。主要的目的就是在Linux环境下(Windows下应该也可用,但没有仔细测试过)通过命令行来使用百度云盘的2TB的巨大空间。比如,你可以用在Raspberry Pi树莓派上。它提供文件列表、下载、上传、比较、向上同步、向下同步,等操作。
由于百度PCS API权限限制,程序只能存取百度云端/apps/bypy目录下面的文件和目录。
特征: 支持Unicode/中文;失败重试;递归上传/下载;目录比较; 哈希缓存。
界面是英文的,主要是因为这个是为了Raspberry Pi树莓派开发的。


重要:你需要安装Python Requests 库. 在 Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian 环境下,只需执行如下命令一次:
sudo pip install requests


  • 稳定版:直接通过pip来安装:sudo pip install bypy (支持Python 2.7+, 3.3+)
  • 开发版:git clone到任意目录。(为了运行方便,可以把bypy.pybypygui.pyw拷贝至/usr/bin/目录


  • 作为独立程序
    • 稳定版(pip安装的):运行 bypy (或者python -m bypy,或者python3 -m bypy
    • 开发版(git clone的):进入clone目录,运行./bypy (或者python ./bypy,或者python3 ./bypy
  • 作为一个包,在代码中使用
    • import bypy
简单的图形界面: ./bypygui.pyw


第一次运行时需要授权,只需跑任何一个命令(比如 info)然后跟着说明(登陆等)来授权即可。授权只需一次,一旦成功,以后不会再出现授权提示.
更详细的了解某一个命令: help <command>
显示在云盘(程序的)根目录下文件列表: list
把当前目录同步到云盘: syncup
or upload
把云盘内容同步到本地来: syncdown
or downdir /
比较本地当前目录和云盘(程序的)根目录(个人认为非常有用): compare


  • 运行时添加-v参数,会显示进度详情。
  • 运行时添加-d,会显示一些调试信息。
  • 运行时添加-ddd,还会会显示HTTP通讯信息(警告:非常多




This is a Python client for Baidu Yun (a.k.a PCS - Personal Cloud Storage), an online storage website offering 2 TB (fast) free personal storage. This main purpose is to be able to utilize this stoarge service under Linux environment (console), e.g. Raspberry Pi.
Due to Baidu PC permission restrictions, this program can only access your /apps/bypy directoy at Baidu PCS
Features: Unicode / Chinese support; Retry on failures; Recursive down/up-load; Directory comparison; Hash caching.


Important: You need to set you system locale encoding to UTF-8 for this to work (You can refere here:
Important: You need to install the Python Requests library. In Debian / Ubuntu / Raspbian, you just run the following command:
sudo pip install requests


  • Stable Release: sudo pip install bypy (Supports Python 2.7+, 3.3+)
  • Development Version: git clone to any directory. (You can copy and bypygui.pyw to /usr/bin/ for easier command execution)


  • Standalone program
    • Stable Release (installed by pip): Simply run bypy (or python -m bypy, or python3 -m bypy
    • Deveopment Version: cd to the directory where it is cloned, and run:./ (or python -m bypy, or python3 -m bypy) You will see all the commands and parameters it supports
  • As a package in your code
    • import bypy
Simple GUI: ./bypygui.pyw
For advanced GUI with parallel downloading capbility, this seems a good choice: bcloud

Getting started

To get help and a list of available commands:
To authorize for first time use, run any commands e.g. info and follow the instructiongs (login etc). This is a one-time requirement only.
To get more details about certain command: help <command>
List files at (App's) root directory at Baidu PCS: list
To sync up to the cloud (from the current directory): syncup
or upload
To sync down from the cloud (to the current directory): syncdown
or downdir /
To compare the current directory to (App's) root directory at Baidu PCS (which I think is very useful): compare
To get more information about the commands, check the output of


  • Add in -v parameter, it will print more details about the progress.
  • Add in -d parameter, it will print some debug messages.
  • Add in -ddd, it will display HTTP messages as well (Warning: A lot

Tips / Sharing

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