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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Jenkins slave to run in Docker

Jenkins slave using JNLP.
See Jenkins Distributed builds for more info.
For a container with swarm plugin see csanchez/jenkins-swarm-slave


To run a Docker container
docker run csanchez/jenkins-slave -url http://jenkins-server:port <secret> <slave name>
If the command line options are not set it will try to use environment variables, including Kubernetes set variables for services jenkins and jenkins-slave.
  • JENKINS_URL: url for the Jenkins server
  • JENKINS_SERVICE_HOST and JENKINS_SERVICE_PORT: will be used to compose the url if the previous is not present.
  • JENKINS_TUNNEL: (HOST:PORT) connect to this slave host and port instead of Jenkins server
  • JENKINS_SLAVE_SERVICE_HOST and JENKINS_SLAVE_SERVICE_PORT: will be used to compose the tunnel argument if the previous is not present.


docker build -t csanchez/jenkins-slave .