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Saturday, 27 August 2016


A quick and dirty Vagrant based environment for testing scap, a MediaWiki deployment tool.



$ vagrant up
And relax. No, really, relax. This will take a while depending on your connection.

What that does

  1. Creates a Debian jessie VirtualBox VM
  2. Clones scap into ./scap and mounts it at /scap in the VM
  3. Installs scap dependencies
  4. Initializes a test deploy repo with scap configuration at /srv/deployment/mockbase/deploy
  5. Uses LXC to create 10 cloned system containers within the VM to act as deployment targets
  6. Each container:
    1. Is networked via a bridge interface on the VM and accessible over SSH at an IP address in the range
    2. Bind mounts /scap as read-only for access to local deployment scripts
    3. Contains a mockbase service script listening on that can be used to test service restarts and post-deploy checks
  7. Exposes /srv/deployment/mockbase/deploy/mockbase as an HTTP git repo accessible at from containers
  8. Writes a list of container host names to /etc/dsh/group/mockbase

How to deploy

$ vagrant ssh
vagrant@vm $ cd /srv/deployment/mockbase/deploy
vagrant@vm $ deploy