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Friday, 4 August 2017

Privoxy for Jailbroken iOS

This project ports Privoxy 3.0.26 to iOS as a Cydia package (*.deb).


  1. Requirement: iOS 7+, jailbroken.
  2. Install org.ijbswa.privoxy_3.0.26_iphoneos-arm.deb.
  3. Enable the HTTP proxy
    • Go to Settings → Wi-Fi → (your network)
    • Click "Manual" under "HTTP Proxy"
    • Enter for "Server", and 8118 for "Port"
  4. Verify Privoxy is running by visiting The URL should be blocked by Privoxy.
The Privoxy server is running as a background daemon. This package is not an iOS 9 network extension. Privoxy can only be configured by modifying the config file at /etc/privoxy/config.


  1. Install theos
  2. export THEOS=/path/of/theos
  3. make package FINALPACKAGE=1

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