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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Shadowsocks Panel-一个强大的shadowsocks帐号管理系统

A powerful Shadowsocks management system
Comprehensive user permissions management. All codes come with clear annotation. Optimized for various operations:
  1. Self-service user profile change and add value.
  2. Invitation page optimization: no refresh upon submission.
  3. Dynamic control of system properties.
  4. Scheduled Tasks control.
  5. Preview! Support for Shadowsocks Manyuser branch.
  6. Support varies encryption algorithms (chacha20, aes-128-cfb, aes-192-cfb, aes-256-cfb, rc4-md5).
Required PHP version: PHP5.5 ~ PHP7. PHP7 is recommended.

Quick Start

#Pick one version: Latest or Stable
# Download script: The Latest Version
cd /home/wwwroot/
git clone
cd shadowsocks-panel

# Download script: Stable Version (Recommended)
# Go to, download the latest release version (current version: v1.16)
wget -O
# Extract to /home/wwwroot/shadowsocks-panel/
$ unzip -o -d /home/wwwroot/shadowsocks-panel/
$ cd /home/wwwroot/shadowsocks-panel/

# Copy ./Data/Config.simple.php to ./Data/Config.php
cp ./Data/Config.simple.php ./Data/Config.php
# Set the Data directory permissions to read and write
chmod -R 777 ./Data/
# Configure database (relevanet code at the bottom)
vim ./Data/Config.php

# Start the installation
php -d disable_functions='' index.php install


Detailed installation documentation Wiki.