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Sunday, 4 September 2016


Backbone.js / Node.js multi-user journal app

Muli-user journal web app with decent (and improving) off-line support, full-text search, and responsive design.
Backend is node.js and frontend uses Backbone.js and Sass/Compass.
Only interesting right now if you want to hack on it.

How to install


Development Dependencies

Installing Compass
This app depends on the latest alpha version of Compass. To install run gem install compass --pre
You'll also need to install three other Compass dependencies, susy, compass-normalize, sassy-buttons.

Clone repo and compile Coffescript and SCSS files
After installing all of the above, clone this repository. Then run npm install to install the various node.js dependencies.

Then to compile the Javascript and CSS, go first to the root directory and run brunch build and then to the app/styles directory and run compass compile.