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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Notejam,The easy way to learn web frameworks

Do you know framework X and want to try framework Y? The easy way to start with a new framework is to compare it with frameworks you already know. The goal of the project is to help developers easily learn new frameworks by examples.
Notejam is a unified sample web application (more than just "Hello World") implemented using different server-side frameworks. Currently python, php, ruby and javascript frameworks are supported.

Supported frameworks

Javascript (node.js)

In progress

  • Play
  • Compojure
... and more frameworks are coming soon.

Application overview

Notejam is a web application which offers user to sign up/in/out and create/view/edit/delete notes. Notes are grouped in pads.
Sign in All notes New note
See more screenshots for look and feel.
Typical application covers following topics:
  • Request/Response handling
  • Routing
  • Templates
  • Configuration
  • Authentication
  • Forms
  • Error handling
  • Database/ORM
  • Mailing
  • Functional/unit testing

How to launch

All implementations are SQLite based and quickly launchable by built-in web servers. Each implementation has instruction describing easy steps to install environment, launch and run tests.