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Sunday, 23 October 2016


jrean/blogit is a PHP wrapper for the Github API (not yet Framework Agnostic) built for Laravel/Lumen to publish easily your content and "Blog with Git".


  • Leverage the power of the Github API
  • No database, no backoffice, no forms, ...
  • Open source your content and allow easy contributions
  • Write, Commit, Push, Live...


This project can be installed via Composer To get the latest version of Blogit, simply add the following line to the require block of your composer.json file:
"jrean/blogit": "~0.1.0"
// or
"jrean/blogit": "dev-master"
You'll then need to run composer install or composer update to download it and have the autoloader updated.

Add the Service Provider

Once Blogit is installed, you need to register the service provider.


Open up config/app.php and add the following to the providers key:
  • 'Jrean\Blogit\BlogitServiceProvider'


Open up bootstrap/app.php and add the following:
  • $app->register('Jrean\Blogit\BlogitServiceProvider');

Enable Dotenv File (Lumen only)

Uncomment the following line in bootstrap/app.php:
// Dotenv::load(__DIR__.'/../');


Update your .env file with the following keys and assign your values:
GITHUB_USER                    =your_github_user_name
GITHUB_TOKEN                   =your_github_token
GITHUB_REPOSITORY              =your_repository_name
GITHUB_ARTICLES_DIRECTORY_PATH =content_root_directory_name
Your Github username.
Visit Github and create a Personal Access Tokens
Create a new Public repository or use an existing one.
Inside your repository create a directory (for instance articles) where you will push your files.

Basic usage

Without Controller

Update app/Http/routes.php:
$app->get('/blogit', function() use($app) {

    // Jrean\Blogit\Blogit instance
    $blogit   = $app->make('blogit');

    // Jrean\Blogit\BlogitCollection
    $articles = $blogit->getArticles();

    // Last 3 created Articles
    $news     = $articles->sortByCreatedAtDesc()->take(3);

    // Last 3 updated Articles
    $updates  = $articles->sortByUpdatedAtDesc()->take(3);

    return view('blogit.index', compact('news', 'updates')); });

$app->get('/blogit/{slug}', function($slug) use($app) {

    // Jrean\Blogit\Blogit instance
    $blogit  = $app->make('blogit');

    // Jrean\Blogit\Document\Article
    $article = $blogit->getArticleBySlug($slug);

    if ($article === null) abort(404);

    return view('', compact('article'));

With Controller

Update app/Http/routes.php:
$app->get('/', [
    'uses' => 'App\Http\Controllers\YourController@index',
    'as'   => 'index'

$app->get('/{slug}', [
    'uses' => 'App\Http\Controllers\YourController@show',
    'as'   => 'show'
Update app/Http/Controllers/YourController.php:
namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use Jrean\Blogit\Repository\DocumentRepositoryInterface;

class YourController extends Controller {

    private $blogit;

    public function __construct(DocumentRepositoryInterface $blogit)
        $this->blogit = $blogit;

    public function index()
        $articles = $this->blogit->getArticles();
        $news     = $articles->sortByCreatedAtDesc()->take(3);
        $updates  = $articles->sortByUpdatedAtDesc()->take(3);

        return view('blogit.index', compact('news', 'updates'));

    public function show($slug)
        $article = $this->blogit->getArticleBySlug($slug);

        if ($article === null) abort(404);

        return view('', compact('article'));

Views (Blade for instance)

@foreach($articles as $article)
    {{ $article->getTitle() }}
    {{ $article->getSlug() }}
    {{ $article->getLastCommitUrl() }}
    {{ $article->getUpdatedAtDiff() }}
    {{ $article->getTags() }}
    {{ $article->getHtml() }}
    {{ $article->getContributors() }}

Basic File Format

I recommand to stick with .md files:
title: My Article Title
slug: my-custom-slug
tags: [tag, tag, tag]
## My Markdown Content
The .md file contains two sections separated by a delimiter string. One section for the metadata and one for the content.

Delimiter String

To separate metadata and content you MUST use a minimum of three ---. You can use more if you want.


Metada will be parsed as Yaml so feel free and creative because you'll access them through an array. The only required key is the titleslug and tags are optionnals. If you don't provide a custom slug, one will be auto generated based on the title value...


Everything under --- will be parsed as Markdown. Again, fell free and creative.

Extending and Customize Blogit

I try and will try my best to give you the ability to extend and override Blogit. For now you can easily hack and extend Jrean\Blogit\Blogit.php and Jrean\Blogit\BlogitCollection.php to bring your own logic, methods and attributes.

Be Creative

With the Blogit API you have access to methods and properties about your content, metadata, commits, contributors, tags, dates, Github links,... Have a look at Jrean\Blogit\Document\*Jrean\Blogit\Repository\* and Jrean\Blogit\Blogit.php.


This package is (yet) under active development and refactoring. Please, feel free to comment, contribute and help. I would like/love to bring Unit tests.


I will write soon a dedicated article for Blogit which is now used on Production for