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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Open Source Church Software

After a bit of searching the web, we built a list of open source software for churches.
We are only affiliated with Cedar, OneBody and apostello. Also, this list has recently been culled of projects that haven't made a release in the last 5 years.
NameTypeLicenseTechLast Release
apostelloSMS communicationMITPython2016
Cedarmedia projectionMITJavaScript (Meteor)2016
OneBodymember portalAGPLv3Ruby on Rails2016
OpenLPmedia projectionGPLv2Python2015
OpenSongmedia projectionGPLv2REALbasic2014
Rock RMSChMSApache 2.0C♯ (.NET)2016
SoftProjectormedia projectionGPLv3Qt/C++2014
To suggest an addition or correction for this list, please create an issue.