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Sunday, 31 January 2016

SWFUpload https Error

。。。 真是郁闷啊,只要把ca.crt导入到IE的 受信任的根证书发布者 里就行了,什么FF2 FF3 全都没问题了就。。。
puika Says: 
I think Flash under Windows uses certificate authorities that are trusted by IE (Windows).
If you have you own CA or using certificate signed by, you need to import this CA certificate in IE as "Trusted Root Certification Authority". OK - i know that this is a problem for public servers to tell clients do this.
But if you have corporate network there should be no problem to do this automatically.
One more reason to push OS and browser developers to add to trusted root authorities.
Hope this helps somebody:)
Linux 下的解决办法:
kriner Says: 
September 30, 2009 - 9:45am
Flashplayer does'nt read the firefox certificates store, but the default CA certificates store located in the /etc/ssl/certs/ directory.
You can add your own CA certificate with the following shell command:
Exemple (for Debian or Ubuntu users):
(obviously, you need to be root)
your organization is named 'myorg' and your CA certificate 'myorgCA.crt'
Create 'myorg' directory under /usr/share/ca-certificates
Copy your CA certificate in the new created directory
Edit /etc/ca-certificates.conf and add the following two lines (first line is for comemnt):
# My organization CA
Then run:
update-ca-certificates -v
That's all.
Now it works with firefox.