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Sunday, 7 February 2016

HTTP代理服务器 -Surrogate

Surrogate 是一个 HTTP 代理服务器,支持反向代理和正向代理,采用 ErLang 编写。正向代理支持 gzip 压缩、CONNECT 支持以及认证的代理支持,同时还提供SOCKS 4/5 代理侦听器。反向代理包括负载均衡方法。

Proxy server written in erlang. Supports reverse proxy load balancing and forward proxy with http (including CONNECT), socks4, socks5, and transparent proxy modes.

Surrogate is a forward and reverse proxy server.

Forward proxy modes:
http proxy with CONNECT support for SSL proxy.
transparent HTTP proxy mode (no configuration changes required)
SOCKS proxy supporting version 4 and version 5.

Reverse proxy modes:
HTTP load balancer
HTTPS load balancer

read conf/proxy.conf for configuration examples.  Please contact skruger at with questions.