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Friday, 26 February 2016


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Step 1

Setup OpenVPN IOS

To setup OpenVPN on IOS (iPhone,iPad,iTouch): 1. First we need to DownloadOpenVPN from App Store.
openvpn ios

Step 2

In App Store go to search, and type “ OpenVPN Connect ”
openvpn ios

Step 3

Now you need to Download and install “ OpenVPN Connect”.
openvpn ios
openvpn ios

Step 4

During the installation you need to enter Apple ID and Password.
openvpn ios

Step 5

Please wait until the installation is complete.
openvpn ios

Step 6

OpenVPN is installed on IOS and ready to use.
openvpn ios

Step 7

Now you need to Download configuration file for OpenVPN IOS.

Step 8

Run OpenVPN on your iPhone.
Touch “Import your Private Tunnel Profile” and find configuration file “SaturnVPN_OVPN_DE.ovpn” or “SaturnVPN_OVPN_US.ovpn” or “SaturnVPN_OVPN_UK.ovpn” or “SaturnVPN_OVPN_CA.ovpn” That you just transferred to your device, And select it.
openvpn ios

Step 9

Touch “+” to save the configuration file.
openvpn ios

Step 10

Enter username and password for OpenVPN IOS

Now enter “Username” and “Password” And switch save “ON”.
openvpn ios

Step 11

Now you need to enter proxy setting. Go to your iPhone “Setting” and find “ OpenVPN ”.
openvpn ios

Step 12

Enable Proxy: “ON”
  • For Germany server Enter:
  • For USA Server Enter:
  • For Canada Server Enter:
  • For UK server Enter:
Port: 7080
openvpn ios
Now get back to OpenVPN on IOS and Switch it ON.
openvpn ios

Step 13

Touch “Yes”.
ovpn ios

Step 14

It starts connecting to OpenVPN IOS.
openvpn ios

Step 15

Now you are connected to OpenVPN on IOS
openvpn ios