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Sunday, 21 February 2016


An HTML5 presentation builder written by python.

pydown is another "Presentation System in a single HTML page" written by python inspired by keydown.
Like keydown it uses the deck.js and its extentions for the presentation.

Demo站点: (其实也是一种静态站点)


Write your slides in markdown


# Hello


# Another slide

!SLIDE left

# left

Generate the html

$ python slides
or you can install pydown to run it with pydown
Thanks for sloria
$ pip install python-pydown
$ pydown slides
This will make:
| - slides/
  | - css/
  | - js/
  | - index.html

Slide classes

Any text follows !SLIDE will be added to the slide as css classes
!SLIDE left

Syntax Highlighting

For python
   def test():
       print 'hello'

Markdown syntax