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Monday, 8 February 2016


node-forward-proxy 是基于Node.js 和 的轻量级 P2P WebProxy。

p2p http and socks forward web proxy based on and Node.js

p2p http and socks forward webproxy based on and Node.js


  • http / socks proxy server as forward-proxy import service
  • http connect tunnel over STUN session as forward-proxy export service
  • multi-hop relay over STUN session
  • secure p2p proxy tunnel to build user-defined webvpn service
  • high udp data transfer performance

Install manually

Install with prebuilt packages, just download and unzip it


  • for export service, refer to demo/export.js. to start it, just node demo/export.js
  • for http proxy server, refer to demo/webproxy.js. to start it, just node demo/webproxy.js
  • for socks proxy server, refer to demo/socksproxy.js. to start it, just node demo/export.js
  • for http/socks server, please fill export service vURL in options.export, when create Proxy instance
  • web browser is http proxy / socks proxy client
  • after setup export service and start http or socks server, then set web browser proxy settings point to http/socks server
  • for forward-proxy util, refer to bin/forward-proxy. to start it, just node bin/forward-proxy --key usrkey(MUST) --http_port xxx --socks_port xxx --export_vurl vURL --enable_export
  • export/import service's usrkey MUST same。