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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

加密访问的项目-leap ,  LEAP client for android


Bitmask provides encrypted internet proxy (using OpenVPN) with automatic configuration. Just enter your account information from any compatible service provider and away you go.

By encrypting and securely routing all your network traffic through your Bitmask-compatible service provider, Bitmask is able to prevent many forms of censorship and surveillance.

FAQ: we ask for the sd card read/write permission because we're using a special area from it to store custom providers added by you. If you update to Android 5, you'll see we don't ask for that permission because that version lets the apps use the special zone for free (because it's app-indenpendent).

Bitmask is open source, distributed under the GPLv3 license. See

Translations greatly appreciated at our Transifex project:

If you experiment problems or want to have bleeding edge versions, please join our Beta testers group:


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