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Friday, 7 July 2017

Shadowsocks-manyuser (ss的多用户版)


Installing on RPM-based OS

  1. Update Packages
    yum -y update
  2. Install M2Crypto and Python Setuptools
    yum install -y m2crypto python-setuptools
  3. Install pip
    easy_install pip
  4. Install CyMySQL
    pip install cymysql
  5. Clone Shadowsocks-manyuser with HTTPS git clone
    Note: You should install git first !
    yum -y install git

  6. Change the directory to Shadowsocks-manyuser
    For example : cd /root/Shadowsocks-manyuser
  7. Edit the configuration file
    Then edit the database address, port, user name, password, etc.
  8. Run the Shadowsocks Server

Installing on Debian-based OS

  1. Update Packages
    apt-get -y update
  2. Install M2Crypto and Python Setuptools
    apt-get install -y m2crypto python-setuptools
  3. The same as Installing on RPM-based OS
If your server running as this, that means you've installed Shadowsocks-manyuser successfully !
Note :
You should STOP the firewall first !
You can use this commond or others what you like :
service iptables stop


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