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Sunday, 7 February 2016 - 运行P2P web 服务,穿透防火墙/NAT

Run P2P Web Service - Run Peer and P2P Web Service


  • Run http and https over udp, taking udp high data transfer performance
  • Run web service in peer or p2p style, behind NAT/FW
  • Support both TURN and STUN data channel with Websocket
  • Support web proxy over STUN or TURN
  • Support SDP session reconnect automatically
  • Realtime web streaming from peer
  • Provide end-to-end security, ip-port-based ACL
  • Multiplex connections on single udp port, saving system resources
  • Extend client/central server style web service transparently
  • Easy to use API, reuse existing http/web and node.js technology
  • Peer Service management

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  1. install module by npm install
  2. depends on node-httpp, please npm install httpp-binary.if the binary didn't work, just build it from source:

For web service over STUN, please refer to

More demos:

Look on demos/